Innovative Employee Surveys To Drive Change

Employee Surveys Can Improve Satisfaction and Engagement

One of the hallmarks of Insightlink's services is our 4Cs Employee Survey, which includes both overall job satisfaction and a measure of employee engagement. We believe these together are essential indicators of performance for any organization. It's not just about engagement. Recent research shows that you need a more comprehensive approach to really understand employee attitudes and be able to take action to improve your workplace. The level of satisfaction that employees feel toward their jobs, and the work they do, should be the foundation of any employee survey initiative. Our 4Cs model does exactly this.

We'll help you improve both job satisfaction and engagement in your organization. Here's what you'll get with our 4Cs survey package: A highly effective survey that will tell you exactly where things stand in your organization. As part of your results, you'll see how many Committed Loyalists you have and what your Engagement Index is. This is what you need to create positive change.

A user-friendly system that will maximize employee participation - you just need to give us your email list and/or shipping instructions for hardcopy surveys. Easy-to-read analysis that walks you through the results and points out both strengths and weaknesses so you can get your arms around the changes you need to make. Accurate and reliable benchmarks at both a national and industry level so you can compare your performance against similar organizations. Find out more about our benchmark data.

Our invaluable 4Cs Workbook that will lead to effective Action Planning in your organization.

Desired Outcomes of Employee Surveys

Just knowing your employee's overall job satisfaction is only the start. It tells you where you stand now, but not where you need to go. That's why we developed our 4Cs model of employee satisfaction and engagement, including Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation -- because the 4Cs give us a powerful framework for understanding the "whys" behind an organization's overall job satisfaction and engagement scores and where action is needed to improve those levels.

Within each of the 4Cs you will find out what is important to your employees and how well your organization meets their expectations. With this approach, we summarize the major gaps in attitudes, and, by showing these gaps graphically, our clients can quickly identify their primary opportunities for improvement.

What Drives Employee Engagement and Satisfaction?

A key tool for understanding the attitudes and opinions of employees is Insightlink's Loyalty Matrix. By combining how satisfied employees are, and how long they expect to stay at the organization, we can classify all of your employees into one of four groups:

When combined with our strategic analysis of your 4Cs, we give you the tools and information you need to maximize the number of Committed Loyalists within your organization.

The added value of our employee surveys becomes especially evident when you consider the "drivers" - the factors within an organization most highly related to job satisfaction.

It's important to identity these drivers within the specific context of your organization, and then determine how well your organization is performing on each of those drivers. Using our Motivations & Drivers Analysis, you can focus on the elements of your organization that are most in need of improvement.

Are you ready to find out how our comprehensive approach to employee satisfaction & engagement surveys can help in your organization?

Find out what hundreds of other companies have discovered: That the small investment required to achieve measurable improvement is not just a benefit to employees, but to you and your entire organization as a whole. From our library of 4Cs employee survey content, there's an Insightlink employee survey that's just right for your organization.

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